The Best Trainers For Your Workout

It’s a common misconception is that one pair of trainers is going to suitable for all workouts. To get the most out of training, the right footwear is crucial! From extra cushiony soles to help you run for miles to sturdy bases that support your foot and help activate the correct muscle groups, we’ve given you a guide to navigating the perfect pair of athletic shoes to find the best trainers for your workout…

The Best Trainers For Running…

A supportive, springboard base is what we look for in a running trainer. It’s got to have good cushioning whilst also keeping your ankle supported. The soles seem to get thicker and more bouncy as the latest innovations unfold, giving you a spring in your run to get that PB down!

ASICS Gel Nimbus 25 Zen Running Club ZR02OnRunning Cloudmonster New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3HOKA Rocket X 2

Nike Alphafly 2

The Best Trainers For HIIT…

After the onslaught of HIIT that spread across the fitness industry faster than any other exercise trend, sportswear giants were quick to react with trainers designed specifically for high intensity. The outcome? Somewhere between a running trainer and a lifting shoe. Designed with a slightly elevated springy sole, yet flat enough to still get the correct engagement, the modern wave of HIIT trainers generates explosive power.

Nike Free Metcon 4Nike Zoom SuperRep 4 Next Nature

Reebok Nano X2 Shoes

The Best Trainers For Weightlifting…

When it comes to strength training and weightlifting, especially when training the lower body, a wide, flat sole is essential to ensure you’re activating the targeted muscle groups. Giving you a grounded feeling, these trainers are free from foamy cushioning and air bubbles, giving you the support necessary to form a great foundation for lifting heavy.

Adidas Dropset Trainer ShoesNike Metcon 8 Training Shoes

Nobull Blush Heather Trainer

The Best Trainers For Hiking/Walking…

Walking is being taken more seriously as a form of exercise not just for its physical benefits but for its mindful advances too. Most of us tend to stick on any old pair of shoes to walk in but walking in the correct shoes is very important, especially if you’re racking up the miles. Support is key, as is the insole to hug the gait of your foot correctly. Waterproof fabric is a bonus as if you live in the UK chances are rain and wet puddles are inevitable!

Allbirds Women’s Trail Runners SWTKeen NXIS EVO Waterproof Shoe

Puma Explore NITRO Hiking Shoes Women

The Best All-Rounder Trainers…

If you dabble in a bit of everything when it comes to exercise and don’t have the space or money to buy a different pair for every workout, these are the best all-rounders that will serve you well whatever you throw at them. Nothing too cushioned or too flat, these trainers are great for class-goers who switch up their workouts on a daily basis, so whether it’s Soulcycle, Barry’s or Kobox, you’ll get through just fine with these picks.

Lululemon Chargefeel Low Women’s Workout ShoeHylo Light

APL Women’s TechLoom Tracer

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