Saks partners with TerraCycle to launch beauty recycling program

THE WHAT? Saks has partnered with TerraCycle to launch a beauty recycling program which will encourage shoppers to give their beauty empties a second life.

THE DETAILS Customers can mail eligible containers via prepaid shipping labels downloadable on the department store’s website or drop off their empties to the designated collection bin in store.

The collected waste will then be sorted, consolidated and sent for processing to become new raw resources ready to be transformed into new products. The program is open to all hair care, skin care and cosmetic packaging, no matter where it was purchased.

THE WHY? Kate Oldham, SVP, Beauty at Saks, reveals, “Through the Saks Beauty Recycling program, we are providing customers with a convenient solution for recycling a wide variety of empty beauty packaging from all brands. We are proud to introduce this program to our platform as an extension of the Saks shopping experience and a way to empower our customers to embrace more sustainable practices.”

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