Puig teams up with Tmall to launch Scent Visualiser

THE WHAT? Puig has partnered with Tmall on the platform’s newly launched Scent Visualizer to encourage online shoppers to invest in new perfumes without sampling.

THE DETAILS Developed by Puig, the innovative digital technology helps fragrance newcomers to discover, recognise and visualize the scents of perfumes, displaying the olfactive ingredients powered by a visual library of more than 1400 ingredients and a database of 21,500 perfumes.

THE WHY? The Chinese fragrance market maintained a CAGR of nearly 15 percent from 2015 to 2020, Puig says, and is expected to achieve market growth of more than 22 percent over the next five years, three times the rate of the global fragrance market. Puig is presumably hoping to score a sizeable slice of those sales.

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