Maybelline New York tackles misogyny in gaming culture

THE WHAT? Maybelline New York has teamed up with Hero to raise awareness of the toxic harassment experienced by women, non-binary people and other LGBTQIA+ communities in the Australian gaming world, according to a report published by Branding in Asia.

THE DETAILS The L’Oréal-owned brand’s Through Their Eyes campaign was born out of a national survey that revealed that 83 percent of female-identifying gamers have directly experienced offensive behavior of language while online gaming.

The result is a film showing what happened when voice modification software was used to conceal the gender of male gamers, allowing them to experience gaming culture through female eyes.

THE WHY? Alexandra Shadbot, Marketing Director, Maybelline told Branding in Asia, “In understanding the sheer amount of discrimination these communities face in the gaming sphere, we really wanted to showcase this lived experience for more Australians to see what it’s really like in pockets of our online world. We hope that seeing it all play out through the eyes of our players, more gamers can think differently about their own actions and we can all be more conscious of creating a safer, inclusive space in gaming.”

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