L’Oréal USA announces grant to advance dermatology research for skin of color

THE WHAT? L’Oréal USA has announced a US$100,000 research grant to the Skin of Color Society (SOCS). The grant is intended to assist five early-career dermatologists and scientists in furthering their academic careers and promoting the development of innovative ideas in clinical and translational research.

THE DETAILS Grant applications will be reviewed by the SOCS Research Committee and priority will be given to applicants within eight years of post-graduate training who have not received previous funding. Recipients will be announced later this week at the SOCS Symposium in New Orleans.  

THE WHY? Sanford Browne, President of Research & Innovation, North America, commented, “We at L’Oréal are committed to helping bridge the gap for people of color and the dermatological conditions that affect them, as they are often underrepresented in research and healthcare. Through the dedicated work of our Research & Innovation team, we have been able to advance science and solutions that benefit diverse populations for many years. We are proud to support the mission of the Skin of Color Society and dermatologists dedicated to improving the lives of those with skin of color. We are optimistic about the impact of this funding on the field of dermatology and look forward to witnessing its results.”

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