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Creepin’ It Real On Your Total Gym

The chill is in the air and it’s a perfect time to spook your muscles with a Halloween themed workout that will have your entire body screaming for more! (That’s a scary thought right?!) Seasonal workouts can be extra fun! Especially knowing you might be sneaking more treats during this time! (I have to admit I love those little candy corn pumpkins!)

So let’s creep it real and spook up your muscles if you dare…


Ghosts, ghouls, goblet squats, oh my! Are you ready for a little Halloween fitness fun? I challenge you to five spooktacular Total Gym moves that will get you into the haunted holiday spirit.


Spook your hamstrings with this one!

Freaky Focus: strength, stability, and balance

Screamin Setup: Low-Med Level

Motion Potion: 10 reps/ leg, hold hand weights for an extra challenge

• Facing away from the tower, stand in a split stance with one foot at the bottom base and one on the glide board.

• Keep your core engaged and eyes focused to keep your balance as you slide the gb open and simultaneously hinge forward with a flat back aiming to reach towards your toes.

• Activate the hamstring of your supporting leg to return to standing & repeat the motion.


Dust off those cobwebs with this this creepy crawly upper body killer.

Freaky Focus: core, chest, shoulders, hips

Screamin Setup: Low-Med Level

Motion Potion: 10 reps each side

• Start in an incline plank position facing your tower with hands on glide board and feet parallel at bottom base.

• Keep your body positioned in a straight line from your head to your heels.

• Lower into a push-up and bring your right knee towards the same elbow aiming to give it a tap.

• Return to starting position and repeat on other side.


This ax-excellent move will work to chop right into your trouble zones.

Freaky Focus: core, hips, shoulders

Screamin Setup: Low-Med Level, cables connected

Motion Potion: 10 reps each side

• Assume a side kneeling positing on your glide board with the back cable placed in both hands.

• Chop the cable diagonally from hip to opposite shoulder while lifting and lowering the hips with the motion.

• Exhale and engage your core as you rotate.

• Return to starting position and then repeat on other side.


No hocus pocus here! This creepy mover keeps your muscles crawling.

Freaky Focus: abs, shoulders, hips

Screamin Setup: Low-Med Level, cables connected

Motion Potion: 10 slow & controlled reps

• Lie supine on your glide board with the head towards the tower and cables in each hand.

• Extend the arms straight out from chest and bend the knees 90 degrees.

• Press your spine into the glide board to keep your core engaged.

• Lower one leg and the opposing arm until they are hovering above the glide board.

• Return to the starting position, and repeat with the opposite side.

• Move at a slow, controlled pace and use your breath to initiate the movement.


This full-moon ritual will help recharge your entire body!

Freaky Focus: core, arms, shoulders, legs

Screamin Setup: Low-Med Level, cables connected

Motion Potion: 10 reps in each direction

• Lye supine on the glide board with both cables in hands.

• Extend arms and legs at an angle and keep them straight throughout the entire exercise.

• Keep the lower back imprinted on the gb so the core remains activated then begin to make
full[moon] circles simultaneously with the arms and legs circling in the same direction.

• Modify by bending the knees.

Be sure to check out the video to see how these creepy exercises are performed on your Total Gym.

Train hard and have a creepin’ good time!


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