Chemical plant fire at Symrise Georgia plant under investigation 

THE WHAT? A chemical plant fire took place at the Symrise chemical plant in Georgia, with the plant suffering a series of explosions after bursting into flames, with the fire now under investigation, according to Fox News. 

THE DETAILS The Symrise Chemical Plant on Colonel’s Island caught fire this week, with firefighters deploying more than 1 million gallons of water stored in tanks before tanker trucks arrived. 

Taking to a statement, the Glynn County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency said: “A total of three explosions were emitted from the plant, the first on arrival and two more as the response team began to pull back from the site. The chemical source of the fire is hydrogen peroxide pinene which is manufactured at the plant.”

THE WHY? Talking to Fox News, Symrise stated that “the fire occurred during the regular production hours for the manufacture of fragrance ingredients.

“Symrise is collaborating closely with the local authorities and is helping them to determine the cause of the fire.”

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