Amarte sues Marc Jacobs for trademark infringement

THE WHAT? Amarte has filed a lawsuit claiming that Marc Jacobs beauty’s Eye-conic palettes fall foul of its registered Eyeconic trademark, according to a report published by News Law.

THE DETAILS LVMH’s incubator, Kendo Holdings together with Sephora, Walmart, Neiman Marcus Group and Nordstrom have all been named alongside Marc Jacobs as defendants.

Amarte holds a registered trademark or the term ‘Eyeconic’ covering ‘eye cosmetics’ and ‘eye cream’ and has used and promoted the Eyeconic trademark continuously for more than a decade for its eponymous anti-aging eye cream.

THE WHY? The defendants are charged with ‘advertising, marketing, promoting, distributing, selling, and otherwise offering’ Marc Jacobs’ multi-finish, eyeshadow palette under the identical or substantially similar Eye-Conic trademark.

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